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Plot: Zak’s dad (Thomas) has left for a convention. Zak (Bradford) stumbles across a watch, and decides to borrow it while his dad is away. Zak discovers that the watch can actually speed up the wearer, making everything around them seem to be frozen in time. But, Zak doesn’t know that some rogue NSA agents want the watch back.

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  • ...a good family comedy, although the kids may enjoy it more than the adults.

This was one of those movies I saw the preview for and figured I’d just see it when it came to HBO. A friend of mine ended up renting Clockstoppers, however, so I figured I’d check it out.

The characters were simple, but engaging. Jesse Bradford does a good job in the lead role, and really helps the audience get into the story. Of course, the acting can’t even begin to compare to A Beautiful Mind (2001), for instance, but it would be odd if it did. For this kind of light summer comedy, the expectations are much lower. If the actors don’t look like they’re reading off cue cards, and care somewhat about what they’re doing, that’s pretty much all that’s needed.

The plot was simplistic, but interesting. It’s a new take on the whole “secret” projects the government is working on type of thing. Sure, it’s a little odd that some college professor would get this kind of technology, even if his old student was working on the project. The whole plot is a bit silly, but it served it’s purpose. The movie flowed well, and got the viewer interested in seeing what would happen next.

The special effects were good, too. The special effects were what caught my eye in the preview, especially the girl, Francesca (Garces), parting the water droplets with her hand. I’m also glad to say that the preview didn’t show all the special effects in the movie, either. I hate when that happens – when they show all the exciting scenes in the preview, and the movie just drags, since you have already seen the interesting parts.

Clockstoppers is a good family comedy. The kids (early teens) will like it, and the parents may end up liking it as well. It moves quickly from scene to scene, so you won’t mind watching it with the kids. So the next friday the family is home, rent this, and have a good time. Of course, your kids may like it enough they’ll want to own it. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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