a critiQal film review Just Married (2003)

Plot: Tom (Kutcher) and Sara (Murphy) have just gotten married, against her parents’ wishes. They go to Europe on their honeymoon - where they experience nothing but trouble. On top of that, Sara's old boyfriend Peter (Kane) shows up, trying to win Sara back. Is divorce right around the corner?

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  • ...with Ashton doing scene after scene of physical comedy, and hollow-eyed Brittany just following along in his wake, the film quickly becomes more painful to watch than most other "couple" films.

I don’t know what Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy were thinking when they made Just Married. Haven’t they caught up on their movie history trivia? When was the last time a couple made a movie together..and didn’t have trouble afterwards (Gwyneth and Ben in Bounce, Bennifer in Gigli, etc.)? They really should have known better. Since they have since broken up, I guess they’ve learned their lesson.

Ashton and Brittany both seemed pretty comfortable with their roles. Both roles follow along with the images they’ve created for themselves – Ashton is a goofy guy, Brittany’s a little stuck up – so their backgrounds in the film reflect these pretty well.

Ashton, the butt of most of the jokes in the film, seems to be in his element, but still seems a little bit awkward. Maybe it’s because he’s on set with Brittany, maybe not.

Brittany also seems awkward in her acting, but, since she usually is, that’s not a real big surprise.

They seem to have a general like for each other, but they don’t really seem to showcase the whole lovey-duvey thing, and it’s not really a surprise they broke up.

The plot seems to be tailor-made for this couple, and I’m sure Just Married was designed for the two of them. It does seem to be a bit thrown together, and has a somewhat sudden ending, but that’s on a par with most of the romantic comedies these days.

It’s kinda painful to watch the two of them on their honeymoon, but since that is what the film seems to going for, I guess that’s okay. There are a few funny scenes, but nothing that will get you to really laugh out loud.

The stars of Just Married should have been able to show more sparks than what they showed here. With Ashton doing scene after scene of physical comedy, and hollow-eyed Brittany just following along in his wake, the film degenerates into idiocy.

For you couples out there, you should stay away from Just Married – it’s nothing either of you will really enjoy (or remember much about afterwards).

Wait – isn’t that most “couple” films?

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