a critiQal film review Metropolis (2002)

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Plot: In the near future, robots have become a mainstay in life. A great city has arisen, Metropolis, and they have created a new evolution of robot. Now they will find out if they will be able to be masters, or if the new robot will become the new master.

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  • ...a true masterpiece of anime

I’d heard many good things about Metropolis, so wanted to check it out for myself. Is it the best anime movie of all time? Does it put Akira to shame?

I don’t know, Akira was pretty incredible. Metropolis does a good job of challenging Akira‘s throne, however, with it’s fascinating story line, amazing animation, and believable characters.

The plot of Metropolis was very well thought out. There are many classic elements in this story: the belief that man can reach too far, the worry about robots taking over if we create enough of them, and there is also friendship and humanity mixed in. The characters are very well scripted, and very believable. This is a harder task when they are animated, of course, but this movie does an excellent job of involving you in the story.

The characters were all incredibly well done. Even the minor characters of Metropolis, from the robot detective to the cleaning robot who befriends a few of the main characters, you care about what happens to them, even though they have only been on screen a short while. There are also moments where the characters actually stop and think about what they are doing, knowing it is wrong, but are able to justify their actions. I’m very very impressed.

The special effects in Metropolis were incredible. I’m not sure how much of this movie was done with computers, and how much was hand drawn, but I’m awed. Being a draw-er myself, I appreciate the work that must have gone into creating the elaborate details that are shown here. Some of the scenes are simply amazing, and have to be experienced. I know that some of the images will stick with me, long after I’ve seen this movie.

Metropolis is a true masterpiece of anime. With the amazing animation, the fantastic plot, and the involving characters, this will be a movie that will live as long as Akira has.

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