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Plot: In 1970, 4 friends - Samantha (Hoffman), Roberta (Ricci), Chrissy (Ashleigh Aston Moore) and Teeny (Birch) - spend their summer off from school saving up money to buy a tree house, in order to make themselves more independent. During this summer of bonding, they make a pact: Whenever one of them needs the others, they will be there. Now, Chrissy (Wilson) is having a baby, and wants Samantha (Demi Moore), Roberta (O’Donnell) and Teeny (Griffith) to share in this life experience with her.

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  • ...women will enjoy watching this one when they want to reminisce about their younger days.

Way back in ’96, I saw a preview for Now and Then, and it looked like something I would enjoy watching. It seemed to be a great cast of actresses coming together for the film, and seemed to be a feel-good movie for women.

I had liked previous films with Demi Moore, Gaby Hoffman, Christina Ricci and Melanie Griffith, so thought they would probably be able to entertain me once again. Having seen, and enjoying, the movie back then, when I saw it recently at Target®, I knew I would like to own it on DVD.

Since it has been a number of years since I last saw Now and Then, I immediately sat down to watch it once again. Would the film live up to my memories, or would the film not be so enjoyable this time around?

All of the actresses performed well in Now and Then, but Christina Ricci seemed to stand out the most to me. Christina, as the young Roberta, struck a chord with me, as her character made me a bit reminiscent of the way I was when I was younger. She was really able to bring the character to life, and seemed to have really been a great casting decision.

Because of my ability to relate to the character, I know I watched her the closest, seeing if she would be able to keep my interest, or if she would do something untrue to the character, and ruin the kinship I felt to her character. Despite my closer scrutiny, Christina was able to pull the character off, and keep my feeling of kinship throughout her scenes.

The plot, while quite simple, was able to hold my attention throughout Now and Then. Despite what you guys may think who are reading this review, this “chick flick” didn’t concern itself just with women crying in every scene (although there are a few scenes like that), but dealt more with the bond of friendship between the girls, and their ability to keep that bond alive over the years.

The writers seemed to know just when to put in a laugh or two to keep the film from becoming a bit too sappy. The story seemed very realistic to me, and seems like it could have happened like this to any group of friends.

The dialogue also kept with the realistic feel of Now and Then, and didn’t degenerate into speeches or anything like that. It stayed very realistic, and could have been taken from any group of girls talking. None of the lines seemed forced, and the dialogue always seemed to be very free flowing.

For you women out there, Now and Then (if you haven’t already seen it), is a great film to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, but most of all it will make you reminisce about the good times you had when you were younger.

For you guys out there, it’s not as sappy as Waiting to Exhale and not man-bashing like Thelma and Louise, but it may be a little foreign for you, since it does concern the lives of 4 girls growing up, not 4 guys.

If your girlfriend wants to watch this one night, just think of the other “chick flicks” out there and say yes – after all, it’s not as bad as some choices we could make you watch, and you may even enjoy it, despite yourself.

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