"Reaper" (TV)

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Synopsis: Sam (Harrison) is a college drop-out who works at The Work Bench with pals Bert (Labine) and Ben (Gonzalez)…and the girl of his dreams, Andi (Peregrym). He’s basically meandering through life…until his 21st birthday, when he discovers his parents sold his soul to the Devil (Wise) before he was born. Now, he’s the Devil’s reluctant new bounty hunter, and must return escaped souls back to Hell.

    “Reaper” (TV) aired from September 25, 2007 to May 26, 2009. Want to learn more? Visit the IMDB Page . Check out the TV.com Page.


An ex-Floridian, ex-Baltimorian now living in Arizona, Reid wants to get into a career that involves web-design, but for now enjoys working on critiQal in his spare time.

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