Hotel for Dogs (2009)

100 min January 16, 2009

Plot: Searching for a new home for their pet, Friday, after being placed in a foster home with a strict ‘no pets’ policy, Andi (Roberts) and her younger brother Bruce (Austin) discover an abandoned hotel. They soon transform the hotel into the perfect home for themselves, Friday, and all the other stray dogs in the city.

A new family comedy heading to theaters in 2009, Hotel For Dogs looks to be decent, if the trailer is any indication.

Dogs on-screen are usually a draw anyway, and with the Rube Goldberg-inspired machines these (apparently genius) kids set up, half the fun should be just watching the dogs take center stage with these contraptions.

Most likely, the plot will probably be rather thin, a basic set-up to get the viewers to the machines and the dogs, with some rather silly hijinks tossed in for good measure. While I haven’t read the novel by Lois Duncan, chances are if the book contained more plot, it’s going to be tossed out in favor of focusing on the animals and the Goldberg contraptions, as a rather simplistic plot seems to be the norm in most family-friendly films these days.

While the dogs and the contraptions will probably be entertaining, there doesn’t seem to be much in Hotel For Dogs to justify seeing it on the big screen – other than how Don Cheadle fits into all of this (he is totally absent from the preview, making us wonder how much he actually shows up in the film itself).

With it’s dog allure and the complex machines these kids set up to take care of the dogs, Hotel For Dogs looks like it’s going to be a decent way to spend an hour and a half with the family – at least once it makes it’s way to DVD. Nothing too exciting, but not bad, either.

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