a critiQal film review Die Another Day (2002)

Plot: James Bond (Brosnan), while on a secret mission in South Korea, is captured. After 14 months of imprisonment, he is traded for Zao (Yune), the right-hand man of the general Bond killed before being captured. With a leak in British Intelligence, and Bond as the primary suspect, Bond must go on his own to track down Zao and find out what his association is with billionaire Gustav Graves (Stephens).

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  • ...Brosnan's last film as James Bond is another high point in the series.

Being a huge fan of the Bond films from way back, Die Another Day has been on my list of must-see since it was first announced. With Pierce Brosnan easily taking over the role of Bond, it seems he can do no wrong. And this film continues that theory.

Pierce Brosnan has become one of the best Bonds ever. It’s debatable if he’s overtaken Sean Connery for the best ever, but he’s creeping ever closer. He is one the few actors today who just seems made for this role. Of course, if he hadn’t already signed on to do “Remington Steele” awhile back, he would have been Bond much sooner. But it’s well worth the wait.

Halle Berry, coming off her dismal performance in Monster’s Ball (2001), actually redeems herself a bit in this film. It’s nice to see her take on a more badass role than we are used to.

Judi Dench seems to have easily gotten into her role as Bond’s boss, M, as well, and John Cleese seems to be at home no matter what role he steps into. He seems to play this one down quite a bit, and you can almost feel the original Q’s ghost haunting over him. It’s nice to see he tried not to go too overboard, whether it’s out of respect, or whatever.

The bad guys, in Graves and Zao, also were well done, exuding their evil in different and distinctive ways.

The plot was well conceived and executed with flair. It’s always a wonder that after so many films, the plots still are so well-developed. One odd thing, however. Even though Bond has quite a reputation, so to speak, with the ladies, the love scenes seem just a bit out of place here. Try as I might, I can’t seem to put my finger on why. Interesting.

The special effects are amazing, as usual, especially the car. Having the car have it’s own “invisibility” camouflage was a bit over the top, but helped create some great scenes. There are some standout sequences, as in every Bond film, most noticeably the car chase across the ice and through a palace created entirely of ice. Simply amazing to watch.

Die Another Day continues the tradition of great Bond films. With a good plot, good acting, including possibly the best Bond ever, and stunning special effects sequences, Die Another Day is one movie you won’t want to miss.

Grab your martini – shaken not stirred of course – and go check it out for yourself.

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