a critiQal film review Doom (2005)

Plot: After a disturbance at a research station on Mars, Sarge (The Rock) leads a Rapid Response Tactical Squad to rescue the scientists. But, when his troops arrive, they discover they might just be in over their heads this time.

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  • ...should satisfy any action buff, as long as they don't think too hard about it.

Finally, The Rock’s newest film has arrived on DVD. While Doom didn’t seem to be the most popular thing in theaters, nothing was going to keep us from this one out once it hit DVD (being the big Rock fans that we are). But would The Rock be able to keep his fans happy with a live-action take on a video game?

The acting was decent enough – for the type of film that Doom is. The Rock does a pretty good job with most of the rather cheesy dialogue he’s given to work with (especially at the start of the film), and easily is able to slip into “military commander” mode. Karl Urban is able to match Rock step-for-step as squad member Reaper. The two of them are enough to keep the viewers interested (and entertained) – despite the banality of the rest of the squad.

Doom, like previous game-to-film adaptation Resident Evil (2002), does a great job of bringing the best parts of the game to vivid life. While it may take a while for the monsters to step out of the shadows and into the light, once they do, they keep coming and coming in an action-packed melee of beasties.

As an added bonus for fans of the game that made 1st-person shooters a gaming phenomenon, Doom includes a 5-minute shot set entirely in 1st person. It’s the highlight of the film, and worth the price of a rental all on it’s own.

The special effects should far exceed any expectations fans of the game have, as each creature in Doom keeps getting nastier and harder to beat – just like in the game. As for the effects, next-generation computer effects are seamlessly integrated with old school make-up and prosthetic effects – with no discernible falsities to pull the viewer out of the action on-screen.

Whether you’re a fan of the game series or not, Doom should satisfy any action buff in the house. Don’t think too deeply, or scrutinize it too much, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself.

If you liked Resident Evil (2002), Doom should be right up your alley.

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