“Animaniacs” (TV)

Also Known As: Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs
ENDED (November 14, 1998) | | |

YSynopsis: Originally created in the 1930s, siblings Yakko (Paulsen), Wakko (Harnell) and Dot Warner (MacNeille) thought they were going to hit it big starring in their own cartoons. But, when their cartoons were considered too screwball for the general public, they were locked away in the water tower on the Warner Bros. lot. Until the 1990s, when they escaped and ran wild around the lot, pursued by studio CEO Thaddeus Plotz (Welker), security guard Ralph (Welker), studio psychiatrist Dr. Scratchinsniff (Paulsen), and his assistant, Hello Nurse (MacNeille).

    “Animaniacs” (TV) aired from September 13, 1993 to November 14, 1998. Want to learn more? Visit the IMDB Page . Check out the TV.com Page.

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