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Plot: Dr. Hamsterviel (Bennett) has kidnapped his old partner Dr. Jumba (Stiers). The ransom? The other 625 genetic experiments. But, will Stitch (Sanders) be able to part with his cousins, even if it's to save his friend?

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  • ...this introduction to the cartoon series should be enjoyable for any fan of the Lilo/Stitch pairing.

It seems to me that Disney has started a new tradition these past few years. They make a hit film, then release a direct-to-video sequel soon after. And, of course, they’re realizing this cash cow big time with a new sequel to a lot of their old films too (Lady And The Tramp II, , , etc.).

Stitch! The Movie is just the latest in this new ploy for Disney. Will it be decent, or will it become just yet another quick buck for the Disney people that really should never have been forced on the viewing public?

A nice change of pace for Stitch! the Movie is the return of all of the original voice actors, even Ving Rhames as Cobra Bubbles! It’s a nice touch that helps to jog viewers’ memories of the first film, always a plus for a direct-to-video sequel. After all, the first movie must have struck a chord somewhere, otherwise why would it spawn a sequel at all?

Ving Rhames, as in the first, is a plus as the government agent Cobra Bubbles, and Tia Carrere and old “Kids In The Hall” alumni Kevin McDonald also keep their roles fresh as Nina and Pleakley, respectively. Nina’s role is chopped quite a bit in this film, but it’s nice to hear the same voice for her, anyway.

When Disney first made Stitch experiment #626, they pretty much paved the way for a sequel (or a slew of them) to . After all, if everybody liked experiment 626 so much, there were 625 more where he came from…it could have become a never-ending sequel spawning film series.

But, Disney did the right thing when they went down the “other experiments” path…they focused on two in the film, and started a TV show (coming this fall) to showcase the rest of the experiments. That way, the inevitable sequels wouldn’t become incessantly dull, and they could always pull the TV show if people stop watching it. It’s a lot harder to stop a movie, especially if you have the previous one leading up to it.

Good plan, Disney…and maybe a new tradition beginning? Who knows? I don’t think the viewing public would be able to stomach all of the Disney films as cartoon shows, but I think Stitch has found a place in the hearts of kids everywhere. Definitely a smart move on Disney’s part.

Since Stitch! the Movie is basically just the first episode of the new TV series, it’s no wonder it’s so short (only about an hour). If it had been a bit longer, the adults may have been able to appreciate it more, since they kind of rush from scene to scene (I guess to fit them all in before the end of the film), and they don’t really have a chance to keep the plotline as flowing as the first film did, which they could have done with a longer film.

The kids will love it because it definitely leads right up to the series, so if the series is popular with them, they’ll definitely want to own the first episode, right? Of course they will.

If you’re looking for a movie that has as much feature feel to it as the original did, then Stitch! The Movie isn’t for you.

If you think a cartoon based on Lilo and Stitch’s adventures sounds like a good idea, then you can’t miss this first episode. And, if you have kids, then you’ve probably already bought it.

Either way, give it a shot. After all, it’s only an hour, and an enjoyable one at that.

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