a critiQal film review Blue Crush (2002)

Plot: Anne-Marie (Bosworth) wants to compete in the big Pipe Masters surfing contest. In the meantime, she gets fired, her little sister Penny (Boorem) is causing problems in the house, and she meets a visiting quarterback (Davis) she starts falling for. Will she still have her drive to win after all this?

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  • ...Kate Bosworth helps make this surfer chick movie downright awful - despite the bikinis.

This was another one of those movies that I never would have rented myself. The plot looked a bit silly, and the acting didn’t look like much. A friend rented it, so I figured I might as well watch Blue Crush.

Yikes. This was a lot worse then I thought it would be.

The acting was horrible. Some of the minor characters looked to have no acting training whatsoever and their dialogue was all forced. The main characters were incredibly forgettable, and Michelle Rodriguez was much better in Resident Evil (2002). Leslie (Faizon Love), the friend of the quarterback, outshone everyone else in the few scenes he had.

Blue Crush had a decent plot, but the movie dragged. There was too much filler. The surfing scenes were well shot, but other than that, the movie was very uninteresting. The dialogue shots ran way too long, and the subplot of Anne Marie’s friend Eden (Rodriguez) living vicariously through her was played up for a few minutes, then forgotten. And the whole movie wraps up a little too nicely, and leaves loose ends just hanging.

All in all, Blue Crush is a movie well worth skipping. It may show a little girl empowerment for the ladies, but other then that, nothing. And for the guys, while the girls are in bikinis the entire film, you never see anything else. So if you’re just coming to the party looking for nudity, forget it.

Bad acting, a lot of subplots left by the wayside, with only a few good surfing scenes to be worth the film it was shot on, Blue Crush isn’t worth the rental.

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