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Plot: After killing the superhero who has thwarted him time and time again (Pitt), supervillain Megamind (Ferrell) realizes he doesn't have a purpose without a foe - so he creates new hero Titan (Hill). But, when Titan turns bad and threatens to destroy the world, Megamind may have to become what he detests: the good guy.

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After watching the disappointing Despicable Me (2010), we weren’t sure if we were up for another animated flick. So when Megamind was in theaters, and it starred another of our least favorite actors, we just said “no”. But, when Megamind arrived on our doorstep via NetFlix®, we decided to give it a shot anyhow.

Would Will Ferrell be able to surprise us and make Megamind worth watching? Or would we have to go re-watch Shrek Forever After (2010) to show us why we usually like animated movies?

Ferrell, surprisingly, seems a good fit for the title character in Megamind. As it turns out, the goofball comedy routines he’s known for work a whole lot better when he’s a blue guy with an abnormally large head. Go figure. As the voice of the rather moronic villain Megamind, he is able to actually make viewers laugh. That’s something his non-animated roles haven’t made most of us do for a long time.

While he’s funnier than expected, it’s the other voices that really flesh out Megamind. Brad Pitt is hilarious as the egotistical hero. Tina Fey is fun as the reporter/love interest. Jonah Hill lives out his wildest fit fantasies as a slacker given unexpected superpowers. David Cross is hilarious (again) as a wise-cracking fish in a suit of armor. The supporting cast members all play a part in making Megamind more than just another stupid Will Ferrell vehicle.

The plot takes the world of superheroes and supervillains and turns it completely on it’s head. This may upset the kiddies (after all, the superhero is killed off near the beginning of the film, but not before his character has been given a background) – and that’s the main group animated films are aimed at, isn’t it? The surprising switch from the norm makes for some interesting viewing for adults, as the film explores the “what happens next” aspect most supervillains never have to deal with.

Unfortunately, the film makes up for the “death of a superhero” shocker by making most of the rest of the film as kid-friendly as possible. This means that the viewer is innundated with kid-sized jokes and an overall sugary coating to every sequence. But even that can’t spoil all the fun of Megamind.

By putting the villain in the spotlight after he killed off his foe sounds dicey – especially in an animated film whose main audience is under 15. But Megamind, despite a rather hefty sugary coating, manages to pull it off with much more humor and style than one might have expected.

Sure, there are a few pitfalls along the way, but the stellar casting choices, especially in terms of the supporting cast, help make each character in Megamind memorable. Plus, surprise! Will Ferrell is actually funny! And that’s something impressive, all by itself.

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