“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (TV)

ENDED (June 26, 2011) |

Synopsis: The Major Case Squad of the New York City Police Department delves into the minds of its criminals with it’s detectives using psychological approaches to solve the crimes. While Det. Robert Goren (D’Onofrio) and his partner Det. Alex Eames (Erbe) relied more on a Sherlock Holmes-style approach, Det. Zach Nichols’ (Goldblum) Socratic approach to crime scene investigation has his new partner, Det. Megan Wheeler (Nicholson), and his old partner, Captain Ross (Mastrantonio), just trying to keep up.


An ex-Floridian, ex-Baltimorian now living in Arizona, Reid wants to get into a career that involves web-design, but for now enjoys working on critiQal in his spare time.

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