a critiQal film review Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Plot: A group of teens are selected for a new reality show, "Dangertainment". They are chosen to go, on Halloween, into the childhood home of Michael Myers, famed serial killer who has been missing for the past three years. Michael, however, doesn’t like people snooping around his home...

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  • ...slasher flick meets reality TV - and it's not bad.

I actually rented Halloween: Resurrection by accident. I wanted to see the previous film, Halloween H20 (1998), but picked this one by mistake. I hadn’t heard much about this film, but do remember seeing a trailer that looked interesting a while back. So, I figured I’d give it a shot.

The characters were all rather simple. They aren’t explained very much in depth, and all behave rather on the shallow side. The actors/actresses do enough acting for the film, but by no stretch of the imagination do they do wonderful jobs. It’s enough to continue the movie, and that’s all that’s needed.

This series is one of the few that seems to keep getting better with each installment. The second and third Halloweens were okay, while the 4th (or the 5th – they kind of flowed together) was one of the best so far (out of the ones I’ve seen – I haven’t seen Halloween H20 (1998) or the original Halloween (1978)). This film ranks up there with the 4th.

That’s a nice thing to see in a horror series. Hellraiser (1987) has steadily gotten worse since the first one, and Friday the 13th (1980) has gotten a little ridiculous by this point (see Jason X (2002)). A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) is by far the best series, but if Halloween can keep continuing to improve, it may give A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) a run for it’s money. And that’s saying a lot for a series whose bad guy doesn’t even speak!

The plot in this installment is a nice update on the Halloween theme. Put people back in the house. But how? By tapping into the reality TV craze sweeping the nation! It seems like a simple idea (and it is), but it’s much better than going into space (or the far future), as other horror series have. At least this lends the film a little more credibility, rather then having the viewer skeptical from the beginning. It ties the plot in rather nicely with the previous films as well, making for a smoother transition to this film, even if you missed the previous installment(s).

The special effects are a bit low-budget occasionally, but they did try something new. Each of the “guests” of the house are wearing real, working cameras that the viewer sees through at times, giving a whole new perspective to the suspense. The sound effects are always right on, too. When a skull is cracked, you grimace and cringe at the noise. It’s helpful, and the sound effects enhance the terror atmosphere of the film as well. And, of course, when you hear that familiar refrain start, you know trouble is coming…and you lean forward, waiting in anticipation.

A nice update to a classic horror series, Halloween: Resurrection is a decent choice if you’re looking for a horror flick. By no means is it one of the best, but it’s worth at least a rental for horror fans.

And, if you’re a collector of the series, this is one installment you’ll be happy to have in your collection.

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