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Hostel (2005) + Quentin Tarantino

Sadly, Quentin Tarantino’s presentation of Hostel (2005) actually soils the Tarantino name. After seeing the film, one has to wonder: Did Quentin even watch the film before putting his name on it? After his success integrating quite a bit of gore into his Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) without losing sight of the plot, you would think he would want to promote the same in any horror films coming out. Instead, he puts his name on a Friday the 13th (1980) ripoff like Hostel (2005). Is it just to promote young director Eli Roth, who showed such promise with Cabin Fever (2003)? Probably not.

Instead, it showcases the loss of another independent film director to Hollywood, who now just plasters his name on horror films just to generate more box office bucks – and to keep his name in the news. Heck, he’s even been on “American Idol” (TV), the show that epitomizes the depths of idiocy America has sunk to since the advent of reality TV.

C’mon, Quentin – snap out of it, and go back to making the Tarantino name mean something in the movie world once more.


Not surprisingly, we didn’t give very high marks to Hostel (2005) in our review.

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