a critiQal film review The Scorpion King (2002)

Plot: In this prequel to The Mummy series, Ancient Egypt is under attack by an evil tyrant, Memnon (Brand), who along with his sorcerer's ability to see the future, seems to be unstoppable. The remaining free tribes of Egypt grudgingly join forces and send a trio of Akkadin assassins, led by Mathayus (The Rock), to kill this sorcerer (Hu). However, Mathayus decides that Memnon is the greater threat.

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  • ...The Rock's first starring role is worth a look.

This has gotten surprisingly decent reviews from a host of people. This is especially surprising considering the last couple of movies to star a WWE wrestler have bombed (anyone remember Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando, with Hulk Hogan?) Surprisingly, The Scorpion King actually deserves the decent reviews.

The Scorpion King was very well done, but I think it should have gone for the R rating, rather than the PG-13. As you watch this movie, you notice a very odd thing – despite all the sword fights, and people dying left and right, there is no blood! I thought that made it a bit more comical than it was intended to be, but overall, it was not a bad movie.

The Rock is actually not that bad of an actor. He doesn’t need to act much in this movie, more react, but he does a believable job. It would be interesting to see him in a more thought-provoking role.

He was originally supposed to be in The One, which ended up starring Jet Li, but turned that down to do The Scorpion King. Although it would have been interesting to see him in The One, I think this movie is a much better beginning performance.

It’s based on a wildly popular movie series, which already introduced the character, and he has a lot of famous actors to play off of, including Michael Clarke Duncan, of The Green Mile (1999). Not a lot of people can make the Rock look small, but Michael does a pretty good job of it.

The special effects are excellent. They are not way over the top, as some movies seem to be aiming at these days, but exciting, nonetheless. Special effects are used in this movie to add to the movie, rather than become the movie, which seems to be the trend lately. The flaming swords were particularly impressive.

This is definitely one of those movies that is expecting a sequel, and I don’t mean The Mummy (1999) series. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Scorpion King 2 around the corner. The ending leaves a lot open, and does not get to the point of The Mummy Returns (2001), when Mathayus’ back story is mentioned.

As for if the Rock is ready to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger as the next action hero? I’m holding my vote until I see what else the Rock has to offer.

If your a fan of either the Rock or The Mummy (1999) series, you’ll want to own this movie when it makes it’s way to DVD.

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