a critiQal film review Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Plot: Dylan (Barrymore), Natalie (Diaz) and Alex (Liu), with the help of Bosley (Murray) are the world’s best crimefighting team, run by a mysterious benefactor named Charlie. Their client, Vivian Wood (Lynch), wants them to rescue Eric Knox (Rockwell). Vivian believes that Knox has been kidnapped, and his voice recognition software stolen, by the owner of rival Red Star Corporation, Roger Corwin (Curry). But rescuing Knox is just the beginning of this assignment...

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  • ...this tongue-in-cheek update of the TV show is one of our guilty pleasures.

Anyone who remembers the often cheesy (but loved nonetheless) 70’s show “Charlie’s Angels” (TV) may be a bit wary about this film.

There have been some interesting movie versions of TV shows (Mission: Impossible (1996) comes to mind) but there have also been some pretty bad movies coming through as well (anyone see “Knight Rider 2000” (TV)?) If you are a huge fan of the TV show, Charlie’s Angels probably isn’t for you.

If, however, you liked the show, but also couldn’t help but notice the ultimate cheesiness in every episode, this movie just might be for you. The whole movie is more of a tongue-in-cheek ode/spoof to the original show than anything else.

All of the characters are over the top for Charlie’s Angels. Everything is taken to extremes. The genius blond acts dumb as a post, the creepy thin man is really creepy, the owner of the rival company relishes in his power so much you think he bathes in it, and Bosley is so naive it’s laughable. But for some odd reason, it works really well for this movie. I think one of the reasons has to be the actors are so into their characters. Every little nuance is designed to be a piece of their character, and they do a good job of keeping the movie flowing.

The plot is well designed, and although a bit predictable, does throw in an occasional surprise. The biggest part of this movie is even if you guess the entire plot, the fun is watching how they get there. I think part of this has to be the enthusiasm the director, McG, has for the film (as can be seen in some of the DVD special features). You can tell just by watching the film how much the director wanted to make this movie, and the enthusiasm is contagious.

The special effects are impressive. From the makeup effects (dressing the girls up as guys in one scene, for example) to the stunts (mostly done with wires) there is a bit of something for every special effect lover. Part of the attitude of this movie is to make the stunts over the top as well. Some of the kicks in this film, for example, aren’t possible in real life, but it does make for some impressive looking action. I think the director has watched The Matrix (1999) once too often though. No, it’s not your DVD player freezing up – he actually does freeze the action that much!

This movie is a guilty pleasure. You aren’t really sure why you like it, it’s just a fun ride. And you’ll want to get on this ride over and over again. So check out Charlie’s Angels…and indulge your guilty pleasures.

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