Reid CurrierAfter living in Vermont for far too long, I moved around a bit, going from Orlando, Florida to Baltimore, Maryland, before finally settling down in Arizona. Sadly, illness has temporarily moved me to New Mexico, but I plan on heading back to Arizona as soon as I can. Although Arizona is my home now, I have fond memories of both Orlando and Baltimore. In fact, I’m still an avid Ravens fan, and watch as many games as I can. I’m a big movie fan, and my movie collection has passed the 500 mark quite a while ago. I collect PEZ as much as possible, and I’m a big WWE fan (although I find myself yearning for the Rock/“Stone Cold” era). Yeah, yeah, I know that it’s fake, but it doesn’t change it’s enjoyability. It’s like watching an action movie twice a week, and the live events (especially Wrestlemania) are a blast as well. I like to read, with Stephen King, James Patterson, Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy among my favorite authors.



      Despite now living in Maryland, I’m what people consider to be a “True” Vermonter. I was born in Vermont and grew up in Swanton. I enjoy Vermont and will always call it home, but Florida held adventure (which is part of the reason I moved there) and Maryland is close to family. I like to read, and Nora Roberts is my favorite author – both her romance novels and her JD Robb detective stories.

    I haven’t had much experience with web design, but I’m learning…although most of my time recently is taken up with working my day job and searching for the perfect place to open my bakery.